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How to reach Montefoscoli

There are several ways to reach Podere Sant'Antonio.

By plane to Pisa airport, where you can rent a car from several car rental agencies. It is often cheaper to arrange this before your arrival via Internet, just like your plane ticket. The distance from Pisa Aeroporto to Montefoscoli is only 35 km (21 miles) By train to Pontedera station, where you can take a bus to Montefoscoli. There is a bus stop at the beginning of the country road that leads to Sant'Antonio. This road is 1 km (less than a mile) long. By car. A detailed route description from both Pisa and Florence (Firenze) can be found on this site.

Detailed route description

From Pisa

When you leave the toll highway at Pisa Aeroporto, follow signs for Firenze. The road you're on is called the Fi-Pi-Li (Firenze-Pisa-Livorno). After about 20 minutes you take the second exit to Pontedera (one exit earlier is called Ponsacco/Pontedera, which you definitely do not take). For the remainder, see: From Firenze, Exit Pontedera.

From Firenze

Via Scandicci take the Fi-Pi-Li, in the direction of Pisa-Livorno. After about 30 minutes, take the (first) exit to Pontedera.

Exit Pontedera. Take the roundabout and leave it in the direction: Volterra - Peccioli - Palaia. Subsequently you pass through the village of Val di Cava. Afterwards you follow a new road that leads you around Treggiaia, with a roundabout both at the beginning and at the end. You continue to follow Peccioli - Volterra. At the third roundabout ("named" Alta Valdera) you go straight on, still in the direction of Peccioli - Volterra. After a few kilometers (miles) there is yet another roundabout (named "Peccioli"), at which you turn left, in the direction of Montefoscoli - Palaia - Forcoli - Castelfalfi - Montaione.

At the end of the road, you turn right at a "T-split", in the direction of Montefoscoli, and then after about 300 meters (330 yards) you turn left, once again in the direction of Montefoscoli. This road is uphill, passing characteristic cypresses, up to the village of Montefoscoli on top of the hill. Keep following the road uphill, passing through the village in the direction of Palaia, on the right there is a marvellous view of the valley. Once out of the village, after about 300 meters (330 yards), on the left there is a chapel named La Figuretta, where you turn left. This is about 15 km (9 miles) from the highway exit of Pontedera.

Once you have turned left onto the country road, you follow that path, at the first split you keep to the right, onto the white path. At the end of the white part the road goes uphill, which is where you turn right and then down, following the path until Podere Sant'Antonio: you have arrived!